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Christopher A. Williamson

Christopher A. Williamson

Christopher A. Williamson, President.  Born in  Smithtown New York  and moved to Cape Coral, Florida at age 13 years old. Attended Edison Community College. My main passion is about living a healthy lifestyle. Many people talk about being healthy but I want to be proactive in helping achieve a lifestyle that will last a lifetime. Vi-tal Health and Wellness is a health orientated company that helps people with more than just the common cold.

Some Fun Facts About Christopher:

Education: Mariner High School/Edison Community College

I was born and raise with good work ethic.

Why I like working with Vi-tal Health and Wellness? Because we have a chance to help people relieve discomfort and health issues.

Why I believe in Vi-tal tea: It works “Teaing is Believing”.

What I like most about what I do? Getting to help and benefit people.

What I am not at work I am at the gym or with my family.

My favorite movie? The Matrix!

My favorite actor or actress or both? Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves

My favorite song? “Lose yourself” by Eminem

My favorite hobby of all time is flying and aviation.

My favorite dish I love to cook is  Roasted Pork with soba nooldles

If I could be a cartoon character I would be Superman because he has x-ray vision, lazer eye, power, he flies, super strength, good looking dude.

Something crazy or fun that no one knows about you is I made my own braces out of fishing line at the age of 13, went to the dentist and they said my teeth were text book.


I feel I am a fair and honest person with  good core values. I support the under dog, don’t like bullies and I am also competitive at which I use to drive me in a positive direction.

William Griffin

William Griffin

Education: I Attended Crockett County Secondary Schools, Lambuth University, and Middle Tennessee State University.

I was born in: Jackson, Tennessee and raised in Gadsden, Tennessee

Why I like working here? Our company has a talented leader who isn’t afraid of taking risks.  We also have vested team members throughout the ranks who are dedicated to providing the prompt relief and healing of today’s prevalent health problems that are needlessly suffered by millions of people.

Why I believe in Vi-tal tea? I have personally known Dr. Miller for over 45 years and have been drinking his holistic tea since I was a child. I have personally witnessed how this unique tea has helped many people and I also know the benefits and results it produces firsthand — I too am a walking, talking testimony.

What I like most about what I do? Assisting people in regaining and/or maintaining their health and vitality by ensuring our quality products are readily available, economically produced, and easily affordable for everyone on the planet.

When I am not at work I am Traveling the U.S. coastal cities / National Parks and spending time with my family and friends.

My favorite movie? Cool Hand Luke

My favorite hobby of all time is Basketball

My favorite dish I love to cook is Fish Tacos

Something crazy or fun that no one knows about you is … I wrecked and totaled my mom’s new car when I was just two years old by knocking it out of gear, immediately leading to a fast downhill roll and collision with a large tree at the base of our driveway.

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