Here Is How and Why Vi-tal Works

The human body is an extremely sophisticated and complex machine but it does have its limitations. Thousands of years ago humans were able to eat natural foods free from pesticides, preservatives and toxins. Our bodies were also adapted to foods that are raw and uncooked and processed by the use of some organs not necessary today such as the appendix. As time goes on, the need for pesticides, preservatives and food fillers become commonly used products used to produce 95% of the foods we eat today, most of these products a carcinogenic but since the PPM is low enough the U.S. FDA allows the use of these chemicals. As amazing as our bodies are in adapting to different climates, foods and most environmental factors, it does take thousands and in some cases millions of years for this to take place. The buildup of toxins is the largest contributor to the aliments we experience in today’s word, the most common being cancer, low metabolism (weight gain), acid reflux, constipation, high blood pressure, diabetics, etc.

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea has been called a miracle by most. 98% of people that consume the tea one time, statistical continue to drink it every day. Mother earth has provided us with certain plants and herbs that if blended together in the correct proportions will unlock a solution to most problems we all experience every day and Dr. Miller holds the key. It’s actually quite simple as, you consume food and drink your body absorbs what is vital and tries to expel what is toxic, the artificial additives we consume counteracts our body’s natural ability in completing this process, as a result these toxins sit in our digestive track and begin to permeate or “bleed out” and actually poison each and every cell in the body making some organs work harder and others less efficient and some fail all together. Dr. Millers Holy Tea assists your body in dealing with the unwanted byproducts and prevents these toxins form reentering the bloodstream. The effects are staggering, your organs begin to perform efficiently and the discomforts, aliments and problems you have been experiencing disappear. This is not a theory, this is biology.

To purchase our amazing tea beverage or associated products in bulk, let us know. We offer discount prices on these types of large orders. For more information on our company Vi-tal Health and Wellness, you can contact us today via email or telephone.

Life-long entrepreneurs, Christopher Williamson and William Griffin serve as our company’s President and Vice President respectively.