Auto-Ship Full Flow Bags

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Never Run Out and Save every month with our Subscription.
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With Our Traditional Full Flow Bags, You Receive 4 Pouches. (Two tea bags come in each pouch, 8 Tea Bags in Total)

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You Will Never Run Out and Save every month with our AutoShip Subscription order
(Cancel anytime.)

Our Traditional Full Flow Bags. Two tea bags come in each pouch. You’ll get 4 pouches which totals 8 tea bags that will last you 1 month.

Directions for making Dr. Miller’s Holistic Premium tea are:

Bring one gallon of water to boil, remove from heat, place two tea bags in heated water and let sit (steep) for 6 – 8 hours. Drink 16 ounces daily everyday.

(For Half Gallon use One tea bag (3grs) per half a gallon of water.)


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