Vital Health and Wellness Team

Our team is dedicated to “Teaing is Believing” because of their commitment to people’s health and wellness. These are the type of people I love to hire. Our staff is transparent in their work ethic and customer service.

And … well, they just love living life.

Kim Carroll

Kimberly A. Carroll (Kim)

Office Plant Manager

Here are some Fun Facts about Kim:

Attended: Shawnee State University- Earned a degree in Dental Hygiene

I was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Ashland, Ky

I like working at Vi-tal Tea because it is a new challenge for me. Chris is a forward-thinking individual who is open to new ideas. He is concerned and cares about helping others improve their health so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

I believe in Vi-tal tea because I have experienced physical improvements by making it part of my daily routine. I have suffered from post-treatment Lyme Disease for the last 6 years with very little relief from other treatments. Within 3- weeks of adding Vi-tal tea to my daily regiment, I gained energy, reduced my brain fog, joint pain, constipation, depression and lost 25 lbs without a struggle. My outlook on life has improved greatly.

When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband of 33 years and my two children. I like to take various exercise classes, enjoy gardening, participating in Bible studies and volunteer activities, as well
entertaining friends and family.

My Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones series

My Favorite Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Sean Connery

My Favorite Song: I Hope You Dance

My Favorite Hobby: decorative painting

My favorite dish I like to cook: Baked Ziti ( I also like to make pickles)

Something crazy or fun that no one knows about me is I LOVE to race wave runners!

Mitch Griffin

Mitch Griffin

IT Guy

Here are some Fun Facts about Mitch:

Attended: High School Graduate

I was born in Nebraska and raised in Trenton, TN.

Why I like working with Chris and William or why I like working here? Chris is sincere and honest. I believe that he works on things that he understands, has a strong vision for what he would like to accomplish, and the determination to follow through on that goal to the end.

Why I believe in Vi-tal tea? I have been drinking tea for many years. I have always read and believed in its healing and detoxifying qualities.

When I am not at work I am studying new tech, researching a new fitness regimen or routine, or training/coaching my children.

My Favorite Movie: Snatch

My Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt

My Favorite Song: Any song you can dance to…

My Favorite Hobby: Fitness Training and trying to be a Model

My favorite dish I like to cook: grilling a steak. Ribeye to be exact.

Something crazy or fun that no one knows about me is I have sailed across the Atlantic on an aircraft carrier.